The Mess of Mortality

Found this online: “”We are all here to help each other go through this thing, whatever it is.”
~Kurt Vonnegut

Truer words were never spoken. “This thing” called life is not easy for any of us. We help each other by getting clear ourselves. Only then can we really help others. That is my 2 cents.

I live on the edge of understanding, not fully understanding anything personal. Not only do I not understand myself, I do not understand you. And you can say the same about me. It is one big conundrum over which we mumble, mutter or say clearly, “Hallelujah!”

The mess of mortality cannot be cleaned up. Walk away from it. Find your little spot in the universe that is undefiled and visit it as often as you can.

Mine is usually my great room where I sit and put my feet up and let everything go to hell in a hand basket if it needs to. I choose silence and surrender—and I can usually get it for a few minutes at a time. Then I have to return to the chaos of the world.

Once back in the world, I have a couple of mantras that help me ride out the storms. One is “I choose to love myself.” The other is “I vow to relieve the sufferings of all sentient beings.” That is the vow of Kwan Yin. There are many similar statement you can use to anchor yourself in a more positive frame of mind.

We want to help each other, but usually we make things worse. So the best thing to do is have a spirit of helping without actually doing any thing specific. Otherwise you become a do-gooder. And do-gooders are do-badders, as Vernon Howard said. God can manage quite well without our help. Hallelujah!

Vicki Woodyard


  1. “find your little spot of the universe that is undefiled and visit it as often as you can”…this touched me this morning…thank you


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