Things I Love….

I am so happy. I found 3 pairs of black pants with elastic in the waist and pockets. Wait, there’s more….They do not have to be hemmed! Nirvana in a Size Medium for sure.

I got them at T.J. Maxx, where I get most of my clothes these days. I never dress up but always enjoy looking nice if I can.

Wanna know some other little things I love?

I love Celestial Dirty Chai teabags.

I love cashew nuts.

I love working hard crossword puzzles.

I love chocolate.

I love doing Tai Chi every day.

I love walking every day.

I love being able to fall asleep easily and sleep most of the night. (A rare thing on both counts.)

I love writing.

I love to discover a new book. I am reading “The Marriage of Opposites” by Alice Hoffman right now. I used to only read spiritual books. Now I rarely do. I prefer novels and always love a good autobiography.

I love keeping everything simple. A meal for me must be quickly prepared. The evening is for TV. I am loving the new sitcom, Great News. I am also watching Jeopardy regularly. I love Stephen Colbert and wish Craig Ferguson still had a late show.

I love having people visit the blog. Thank you! Tell me what you love….

Vicki Woodyard


  1. I love drumming with a group of people
    I love cannoli
    I love sea turtles of all kinds and dogs of all breeds
    I love sleeping in late and dreaming and of the day I don’t have to rise to go to work.
    I love Stephen Colbert too!

    Thank you Vicki, I enjoy your blog very much.


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