Ordinary Days

This looks to be an ordinary day. A trip to the grocery is all I have to do and I always enjoy that. Yesterday I went to Tai Chi. I hadn’t been for a few weeks and I met a woman in class that lives close by. Perhaps we can have lunch together.

Ordinary days are my favorite things. Days when time does not threaten but invites. Days when I am at peace within.

The days that are tension-producing have been greatly reduced. Now it is time for me to relish life without facing unbearable pain and suffering.

Why should I add to it by joining in discussions online? They never offered me anything but grief. The mind is never up to anything good. All inner work is about seeing that. Once you see, you are free.

I love reading the words of Neville. He tells the story about being born again from the skull, from which he escaped. This is what must happen. The new birth is about reaching a higher state of consciousness than the mind.

The mind is overworked, strip-mined of its usefulness. Then, if we are fortunate, grace leads us to the fertile valleys of “I am.” Then we can understand the words of Jesus, who said there were many mansions for us to occupy. Many states of freedom.

An ordinary day. I relish just being here, outside of time and space, outside of the clock and four walls. Outside of being an outsider or an insider. Just being here now.

Vicki Woodyard


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