A Huge Discovery

I have just returned from a trip to my local grocery. It has a policy of honoring all returns cheerfully. Today, as I headed to the counter to return a loaf of stale bread, I saw that the woman behind the counter was one I was too familiar with—a real “pill,” to put it mildly.

As I handed her the bread and the store receipt, she said not a word, but rolled her eyes and squeezed her mouth shut tight. Not surprised, I just waited for her to return my money and the receipt. When I got home, I realized I had been given a huge gift. The Work says that you “have the right to not be negative.” This phrase does not mean a lot to the ego, which is nothing but negative. It only means something to the witness. As Joel Goldsmith wrote, “The Christ consciousness is recognition without reaction.”

I saw the employee’s eyes and felt her negativity aimed directly at me. And I did not react. In the past, I would have. In the past, I have made comments about her to other employees. They all know how she is, but somehow she remains on staff. “That is none of my business,” I thought.

The Work also says you can use other people’s negativity to gain energy. You can pick it up and use it. And so I did that as well. And then boom! I got the supreme insight. The Work is always on your side.

Other people may not be; circumstances may not be, but the Christ Consciousness never sleeps. It is at work full-time.

And so I am here typing away, full of gratitude for another day spent on Planet Earth where all of my lessons are repeated until I truly learn them.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. A delightful lesson. As I once heard and am fond of saying: What you think of me is none of my business. I don’t always remember it, but when I do, I feel an uptick in energy, as you say.


  2. Great lesson, Vicki. This is one I have sure struggled with because negativity from someone seems to push my buttons – if I let it. Thank you for the wisdom that we can choose not to be negative. It’s always there, but we can turn within where the light lives.


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