Leaving Social Media

I am glad I left social media. There has been a backlash of sorts, from people firmly embedded in it. But yesterday I held satsang with the trees. I was their student and they my teachers. As I cleaned up the yard after the tree men left, I felt stronger and more grounded than I have in ages.

So what happened last night? Bad dreams, of course! There is always a backlash. My purse was stolen at school, I couldn’t find my car. I was back in college (a recurrent dream) and late getting home. My mother was unhappy about that, as I helped her with her duties. I should have been at home.

The social media backlash does not surprise me. I was faithful to it for quite a few years, obeying its unstated command to visit dozens of Friends and Comment on their lives. Yes, I capitalized those two words because Facebook does.

Where am I now but where I have always been? On the verge of enlightenment and terror. One day a choice will be forced out of me. Which do you choose? To continue to play mental games or leave the playing field altogether?

You see, Facebook is about numbers. How many Friends you have and how many people call you beautiful. How many Friends admire your courage and your recipes. As Joan Rivers used to say, “Oh, grow up!”

Growing up spiritually is a one step forward-two steps back experience. You never have it made, even if non-dual teachers continue to proclaim that it is possible. “There is light and shadow all the way,” as a teacher once wrote.

Today I am at home with my trees and my keyboard, posting on the blog. Fewer people find me here than on Facebook. They matter more than the multitude. I’m just sayin’….

Vicki Woodyard

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