The Wilderness Within

Just wrote a large check to a tree service to have a huge dead tree taken down that a neighbor said was endangering her property. A creek runs between our houses and the tree was right on the edge of the creek. While the men were working, I asked the manager to clear a line of privet that is blocking my view of that part of the yard. The trees are all wild and need de-vining. That job will be easier to do with the privet growth gone. There are also briars and unexpected dips in the terrain.

Many lots are undergoing erosion along the creek edge. My lot is on land that is perfect for a two-level home with a basement. The house, in years past, has been invaded by squirrels and raccoons seeking shelter. We quit feeding the birds because the squirrels were too tempted to move into the house.

I pulled vines and picked up limbs until my body was soaked with sweat. A good hot bath was in order. Now I am here pecking away at the keyboard armed with new energy for cleaning the yard up further. And my body/mind as well.

Fall is when we fall back and await winter. I love burrowing in deep during the winter months. But now there is still time to work.

Vicki Woodyard
P.S. The image is of the part of the yard where the tree used to be.

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