Falling Apart

“I always experience myself as falling apart.” ~ Leonard Cohen
*Quote found on cohencentric.com

To know that Leonard Cohen always felt that he was on the brink of emotional disaster gives me great comfort. Why? Because that is the true condition of every ego. There simply is no safe place for it.

When the suffering cuts all the way to the bone, something can be done. That is when the voice of wisdom peeks through the clouds of confusion and says “Give up. You have never solved anything by taking thought.”

And so you take to the ancient wisdom way. I have studied myself for years on end and found nothing to be helpful except the truth that leads to goodness. It is quite okay to fall apart, but the ego would have none of it.

All you can do is what you have always done and that doesn’t work. Now what?

Now is where you begin your first honest appraisal of yourself. Piece of junk, piece of garbage? No, you are nothing in and of yourself. Now who knows that but love itself. The love that hoists you up to the cross until you rise into higher awareness. This is lawful. This is love in action.

Die before you die. The ego ain’t buyin’ it. Die anyway.

Vicki Woodyard

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