Rob and I both had sessions with Theo Paredes yesterday. Here we are having an early dinner afterwards. As usual, Theo was the epitome of enlightenment. We laughed a lot. “Remember I said that you were my teacher?” I asked him. And he said yes. “Well,” I said, giggling, “you don’t teach me anything. That’s why you are my teacher.” And we both laughed.

Oh, he works on my body and drops in some simple comments like “Take 12 to 15 deep breaths each morning.” Or try to locate the “I am” in your body. Where is it?”

It’s all so simple and yet so powerful. He tells me I am spirit-filled and I show him one of the hawk feathers that have fallen into my yard. “What does that mean?” I asked him. “It means you are in higher consciousness now,” he said.

He still wants me to visit him in Peru. “I’m afraid,” I said. He knows that, of course. All he says is that an 85-year-old man visits him and has no problems.

When I say he is with me all the time, his comment is that sometimes he senses somebody around him and just says, “Oh, that’s Vicki!”

I will end this by saying on my first session with Theo he took away the majority of my grief. You could have knocked me over with a feather. He offers to give me the hawk feather back and I say, “No, you keep it. I have lots more at home.”

After Rob and I left the restaurant, I looked up and saw a cloud that resembled a long-legged man. A nice touch to a loving afternoon.

Vicki Woodyard

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