The Domaine of the Heart

The ego wants its life in the world; the heart would have none of it. The ego wants control; the heart surrenders effortlessly. The ego is the root cause of misery; the heart is the great and only healer. So why is it so hard to see this?

We are indoctrinated into the ego’s view of the world. We must choose the life of the heart. Often, this only happens after everything else has failed us.

With loss comes wisdom. With gain comes the desire for more gain.

Tomorrow I see Don Theo, my teacher of the heart. He feeds me what I need. He gives me back what I given him.

At our first visit, he took away my sorrow. In subsequent visits, he has given me back my joy.

Vernon Howard taught me the rules of truth. Theo teaches me the goodness of my own soul choices.

Each have their place in my life and there have been other teachers.

Leonard Cohen, now resting with the angels, brings me inspiration and devotion.

Life is good. Life is what you make it. A heart-centric life is a riot of rebellion from the mind.

It is good to be a rebel from all things that would limit and define you.



  1. A life of the heart…and joy…this is he direction I am moving also. “Upgrading” the present moment by tuning in to what it is I need in that moment, and then giving that to myself, as a practice. (I still need more practice, but I’m learning :::grin:::). Somewhere along the way I lost track of playfulness. I wish to be playful again.


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