In Here….

There is no “in here” without an “out there.” Or if you want to say it another way, “There is no out there without an “in here.”

Somehow this realization brings the whole world into a neat little package.

It stops me dead in my tracks.

Makes me experience silence.

The silence in here is also the silence out there.

Make no mistake about it; you own nothing. Neither can you disown anything.

How did I come to this fork in the interminably long road, you might well ask.

I arrived at it by an incredible series of events. I was born and began to live my life in a state of sleep.

The sleep ended when the pain got bad enough “in here.”

I realized that all I had was enough because it was all in here all along.

As for as the “there” part of the equation, it is one with the Tao like the yin and the yang.

The opposites were deconstructed because suddenly they became one.

I am a thorough-going mess and that is suddenly the deepest truth I can reach. Of course it is attached to the fact that I am God incarnate, as is everyone else.

I know. I know. It’s getting too mystical in here. It’s starting to rain unicorns.

Vicki Woodyard

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