Another Feather

So Eclipse Day has come and gone. Rob and I stood out in the front yard when it was the darkest, but mainly I just watched it on TV.

I was surprised to find yet another hawk feather in the yard on the same side of the house that I saw the hawk on the deck railing. Hawk medicine has become huge in my life this summer. I have a fistful of them now and there are none anywhere else in the neighborhood that I have seen. They have nested in the back yard in previous years, but not in the last two.

I put the feather right under Henrietta the Chicken’s nose (she is a rather peculiar breed of folk art chickens that live mainly on sideboards.) I want her to find it as she crosses the road….

I might as well admit it—-the chances are slim, but you gotta keep hope alive.

From my perch, this is…..
Vicki Woodyard

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