1. I shouldnt be surprised that you continually write exactly what I am on the cusp of in one way or another. I would reply more but it seems my phone is the only way I can login…not from home computer. Anyway, I appreciate your posts. Two questions I am curious about…. Have you ever considered yourself as maybe an ambivert, like myself….or are you truly maximum introvert? Apptitude testing tracked me as 55percent extrovert, 45percent introvert.. Calling me ambivert..interesting mental diologue sometimes, I must say. Other question…your thoughts on Eckhart Tolle… I feel he is a current day Vernon Howard…not same communicating style, but same refreshing message. I look forward to hearing from you when and if you feel like it. Thanks again for sharing.


    1. Oh, I am an introvert who sometimes acts extroverted if the occasion calls for it, but I pay for it later.

      I have read Tolle and he doesn’t feel empowering to me, but to many he does. Who you read and listen to is more a matter of energy than content, if you ask me. I wanted a tough dynamic teacher and I sure got that in Vernon. Now I just wait to see Theo and get my energy body cleared. We don’t discuss anything; it is simply an exchange of energy. When you understand that, questions fall away.


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