The New Horizon

Becoming conscious is the new horizon. This cannot be taught by anyone outside the Self. I speak from experience, having had one main teacher and a few minor ones via books. They can only show you your unconsciousness; they cannot know if you have gone beyond it or not. Why? Because you are the only one in there!

Leaving Facebook, for me, is like rejoining my own consciousness in its pure state. Had I not left, I would still be under the spell of social media. And it is a spell, make no mistake about it.

I am not fully awake. No human being is. They may say they are, but it remains unprovable by other people. It does sell books and seminars, though. The hope of enlightenment remains a huge folly on the part of online spiritual seekers.

You have to part company with unconsciousness if you want to become yourself. There must be no turning back or you will turn into a pillar of Likes!

Much better to sit alone in your townhouse or studio and study yourself. The rewards are endless. The search can be called off and you can disregard the steady stream of Friend Requests and invitations to like someone’s page. It’s an exercise in futility to spend your day lost in a state of sleep.

Call me a cynic and a sceptic, but there is something that far outweighs Facebook Likes and that is your own inner approval.

Vicki Woodyard

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