Tincture of Timelessness

I heard a huge hit against the window and I looked outside. A hawk was sitting on the kitchen deck railing. He didn’t stay long. I yelled for Rob to come down and take a picture, but the hawk wasn’t having any of it. Rob said he might have been chasing something and flew into the house or window. There was no mark on the window, so I can’t be sure where he hit. He didn’t appear to be hurt.

Went to the grocery this morning. I am on a countdown to the days before I get my glasses. This summer has been quite peaceful. The weather keeps me indoors and I can’t read, so I just sit in silence a lot.

Last night old dream themes resurfaced. I slept fitfully and woke up tired.

Silence is something that happens and is always in the background of our noisy lives. It is medicine. It is tincture of timelessness.

Vicki Woodyard

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