Grace Comes

Grace Comes

I have been studying my consciousness for a long time now. I have learned how to jump from mind to heart, not all the time but oftener and oftener. To do this I have to become aware that I am suffering from myself. This happens because I am stuck in my head. Esoterically the skull is Golgotha, the tomb. I must be resurrected from this and the way to do this is to die to this state of consciousness. But how? This is the perennial question of people longing to be free.

You must make a confession that you are stuck in your head. The very confession is what springs the trap and you fall into your heart. When I choose to do this, and it must be chosen again and again, I feel as though I am in a daze. Not the daze of the mind, but the daze, the shock, of returning to myself.

You see, I am the universe and it is quite a shock to see this. The first thing we do is want to return to our former state. The disciples did this; it is nothing new. It is hard to follow the way of consciousness. A price must be paid.

It is not as if we had any free will concerning actions; we don’t. We only have control over our attitudes and emotions, as Edgar Cayce so famously said. All we are asked to do is confess and from that confession comes our new life.

Grace is not something easily gained. If it were, no growth would ever happen. People would grab grace and run into their private life, hoarding it. No, grace comes, but the price is your old life.

Vicki Woodyard

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