Never mind the mind….

What is my average day like now, as I detach from social media further and further? It’s as if my eye surgery had given me new eyes spiritually as well as physically. All the signs were there—the snake skin and the four hawk feathers, for example. All spoke of leaving the old level and arriving at a new one.

Part of my day changing is that I have not been able to read much. Prior to the surgery, I was reading a lot of material every day. Now I am reading everything! I am letting life speak to me directly and it has a lot to say to me. It always did; I just wasn’t paying much attention.

Everything Christ said was true. Everything my teacher said was, too. It is the mind that lies. It is the mind that beleaguers us and tempts us endlessly. So out of that insight, we leave the mind behind more and more.

What happens when we leave the mind is the classic rebirth spoken of endlessly by men of insight who have gone before us.

I grew bored long ago with the yada yada yada of spirituality found online. It is mental rather than spiritual. No one can have your breakthrough but you. You can bet your bottom dollar that the words of Jesus or the Buddha will bear fruit in your own heart when the time is right. You can have your own self-realization.

Today will be like any other day for, but I will be paying close attention to it. Never mind the mind.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Loved this,Vicki. I, too, may have to start spending less time on social media. It’s addictive, but if you’re not careful it can certainly color your view of humanity.


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