Your Energy Body

I am a spontaneous spiritual writer. I write what comes to me and often it is exactly what someone is looking for. I love when that happens, for synchronicity is a great pleasure to experience. It is as if the universe was handing you another piece of the puzzle.

Coming into this world, I learned to know it energetically rather than rationally. My experience of it counted more than my understanding or explanation of it. This is in my essence and it can be no other way.

I only failed one course in school, I think it was called plane geography. I couldn’t grasp the concept. My parents hired a tutor for my friend Jeanne and I, who was also failing. We giggled throughout the sessions. I don’t remember if she passed or not.

Other than that, I was pretty much on the honor roll all the time. I liked to study and never crammed. I was ready for the tests and aced most of them.

When I married an engineer, he continued to be shocked to realize that reading maps or knowing east from west was not something I could comprehend. I lived in my head in that respect. I maneuvered through the world energetically.

When my husband got sick, I wrote my way through this long dramatic period of my life. I did it spontaneously and rather than draining me, it healed me. Some of my writing is healing for people other than myself. That is why I keep it up.

Your energy body is a vital aspect of your life. Let no one pollute it. Honor it and let others benefit from it, whether it is about business, the creative side of things, or whatever. Your energy body needs curating. Study it, use it, and it will grow beautiful things.

Look what Leonard Cohen did with his. He has left the world but his legacy lives and breathes. I read something he said that I love. “Be your own crash test dummy.” Yes, indeed. Put on that helmet and get to work.

Vicki Woodyard

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  1. Moving through the world energetically – I love that, Vicki, and can sure relate. It wasn’t until I reached my sixties that I realized I was responding to people and situations on an energy level and not necessary by what was being shown to me externally. And you are so right – we must honor our energy bodies and protect it too. I love that you are a “spontaneous spiritual writer” because that is where the creative flow lives. If we move to the rational mind, it disappears. Love you.


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