New Skin

The poem below is by Tibby Steedly. She shared it with me after I found a snake skin by my kitchen door. I love it and asked her if I could share it…

Even though I feel the wind
too sharply sometimes
itchy, hot, and raw
and even though I rub my soul
against the ground for a
good hard scratch
this new skin feels just right
with lots of room to grow into
and a sparkly new look.

I’m not looking back at that old skin
lying there all dry and dusty and used up.
It served its purpose and the hard shell
held me together but it was
squeezing me to death!
Now I’m stretching hard like a well-fed cat
sleek and shiny in my new grown self
I’m bigger and stronger and when I face it,
the wind feels like freedom.

~Tibby Steedly
Tibby’s website is here.


  1. Vicki, thank you SO much!!! And yes, you spelled my name right. I really appreciate this so much and am honored that you wanted to use my poem and explore my site! Just like your beautiful words, poetry and videos speak to my soul, I am really happy that you like my site. Isn’t it wonderful to make these spiritual connections? Thank you again. I love the art work too!


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