Floating on the Mystery

Yes, you could have knocked me over with a feather! Last evening I glanced out through the sliding glass doors to the deck and saw the third hawk feather dropped in my yard. This one landed on the back deck. It was a full-size beauty. When things like that happen, the gate between the two worlds creaks on its hinges. Nothing to do but be grateful.

The glass starfish it floats on is something I found at a store called “The Nest” a few years back. It sits on a book called “Paris to the Moon.” The jacket shows a small boy leaning to pick something up from the ground. Very symbolic.

Are we floaters, discoverers, finders? Are we open, unknowing, new? This is beginner’s mind. Sometimes it is a state of no mind!

There is a book called “No Mind: I am the Self.” The world is a book and we are its readers and writers. I guess you could say it is an anonymous collection of mysterious happenings.

I cherish the feathers I find. I float on the mystery of them.

Vicki Woodyard

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