Life is good….

My goodness, I am tired of being on break, however much good it is doing me! I had my second cataract removed today. We were told to arrive at the clinic by six a.m. and only at 8:15 did I get my turn to enter the operating room. Well, the laser room; it came first. While I was lying there on the gurney, I told the nurse/anesthetist, that I needed to go to the bathroom. In her kindness, she said, “Well, we have time to do that.” And she and her partner wheeled me down the hall and stopped in front of the Women’s Room. Ah. I needed that. I had been lying down on the gurney for well over an hour. They had done a meticulous job of prepping me for the surgery, but waiting was on the agenda.

The surgery went well and now I am back home. Tomorrow I see the surgeon and again a week later. Then I can get new glasses! In the meantime, I can still see the screen only under eye strain. But I wanted to say hello.

What I write is for the few; those who hear me love me. At least I feel something akin to that emotion coming through the screen and across the pixels. If I am wrong, it is still a nice feeling to mistakenly have.

I am so serious about what I do; I must be or I wouldn’t continue to do it. I am unknown to the masses and for good reason. The masses want solutions and there are none. The masses want confirmation and it can’t be given. The masses want themselves and they do not exist except as individuals. What a mess. Messes are things we can identify with. Messes sprout wings without notice.

As the two women were wheeling me down the hall today, I said something silly about realizing I looked just like my mother, meaning I couldn’t see that until I had the surgery. “Then your mother must have been beautiful,” one of them said. What a lovely thing to say to a patient on the way to eye surgery. I really loved her for that, even though she had her tongue-in-cheek.

I came home a bit nauseous from the anesthesia but was fine after a couple of hours rest. Took a bath and made myself a grilled cheese sandwich and had a piece of frozen dessert pie. Life is good. Don’t miss it.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Dearest Vicki – so very happy to hear that all went well in the clinic and that everyone was kind and supportive. For me hospitals and doctors are no joke, surely also not for you – but it touches me joyously that you are so courageous and yes, that all came out good and well. Keep resting and do not strain the outer eyes – so much to see within anyway. And I go read in your many bright, so glorious and divinely wise posts from the past, as they are all so momentous, so up to the point in the now, leading me also to the inner eye, the inner Seeing. Take good care dearest friend and much love from Zurich, Switzerland – gratefully, Silja


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