It’ll be 2 weeks tomorrow since my first cataract surgery. During this time I can barely see, even with my old glasses on. They are too strong and make me seasick. This is probably the longest time I have ever been away from the blog.

A week from tomorrow I get the second eye done and in 3 weeks after that I will have new glasses. It is has been a strange and enlightening experience to have this much time on my hands.

I deeply appreciate the donations made but can certainly use a few more. It seems that only a small handful of people throw in to help ease the cost of the site and my work on it. I would encourage you to donate on a regular basis if you are profiting from my work in any way at all.

I have been off Facebook long enough to know I will not return except to keep apprised of local announcements and to check in on a handful of friends. I do not miss it at all.

I dream a lot at night, mostly unpleasant excursions into my past. The old family issues do not dissolve; they recur again and again during a lifetime. And the dreams feel so real. It takes a while to shake them off when I wake up.

Rob is chauffeuring me to the eye doctor, grocery, etc. I know he is tired of it. I am watching the HBO doc about Dr. Dre and Jimmy I. I hate to confess it, but I love the new Gong Show.

I am trying to get used to seeing myself without glasses; it is such a shock. Maybe I will do a video soon. I shouldn’t have any problem doing that. If someone has a subject you would like for me to talk about, leave a comment.

Vicki Woodyard

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  1. Vicki, this seems to be a time of no choice but to step away temporarily and just be. I hope you will have wonderful vision after your second surgery. Maybe this is just a time to rest. So many people I’ve talked to are also commenting on having vivid dreams about the past. Maybe we are experiencing what we need to let go of. I don’t know, but I think we’ll all be glad when things settle down a bit. Take good care of yourself and enjoy the new Gong show. I’ve been mindlessly binge watching British mysteries! Sometimes it’s nice to just zone out for awhile. Love you!


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