The Interim

I am recovering from cataract surgery and cannot focus on the screen for long. A wonderful chance for me to take a good long inner look, and I hope you can do the same. This is what I see.

Almost 20 years writing daily about the inner journey, 3 books and thousands of essays. Now I see that it has been exclusively for my own benefit. I have indeed become a writer. It is what I love to do. But I also love the silence I find only at the still point of a quiet mind. That is the true knowledge of the heart.

I may retire altogether from the screen. Who knows? If my work continues to be of value to you, your inner spirit, I gently suggest making a small donation to keep the blog afloat.

If I get enough, I will return. If not, I shall realize that the time for being in the public eye is over.

The tao knows what is best; I can only offer up words that point to the difficulty of even waking up a little bit.

See you down the road.

With love always,


  1. Vicki, I’m so glad you are recovering well from your surgery (except for the gnat!), and hope you continue do to well. I always love reading your posts, books and seeing your videos and will continue to donate when possible. For now, however, going within to that wonderful place of silence is important for you and as you say so often, that’s where the answers are. We are all on this journey together and will stay connected whether you choose to stay in the public eye or retire. All my love to you, dear Vicki.


    1. Saw the eye doctor yesterday and he moved the surgery on the other eye up, since I can’t read. However, I am having bad indigestion from the anesthesia. (It’s always something.) They warned me it could cause it and had me take a tablet before they started the IV. But apparently that didn’t help. I didn’t sleep a wink last night. Will send Rob to get more antacids today.


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