What internet links are made of….

So here’s the deal. I have left Facebook, except for linking to my blog from Facebook so fans of my work on Facebook can read me on the blog. Links are like shoelaces, you can’t live without them (unless you wear slip-ons).

I am feeling like a short-order cook of sorts. Short on orders and out of sorts. The weather here is so humid that the links to Facebook are melting as fast as I post them. It is a little-known fact that internet links are made out of nothing more substantial than fairy farts.

Facebook is not a permanent thing at all, nor am I. I am like a cloud of angst floating over the World of the Internet dispensing melting links and deep insightful meandering when I am not staring into space….

People look to me for spiritual inspiration and the occasional need to make themselves feel better. I, you see, have a life that is unwieldy and fairly nonsensical. I do nothing but sit in front of the keyboard as it leaks out little essays on what it means to live a satisfying life.

Satisfying lives do not exist, so I am really writing about what it means to live at all. Breathing in, breathing out, watching links melt and words ooze into pixels. Come visit my blog if you have nothing better to do. (And I happen to know that you don’t….)

Vicki Woodyard

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