Dear Faithful Readers

Dear Faithful Readers

Guess what? Due to the kindness of my friend and sometimes webmaster, the blog subscription thing is working fine, now. But when you subscribe, please remember to confirm the subscription when you are asked to do so. Otherwise, you are listed as “unconfirmed.” You only have to confirm it once.

Now that the business is out of the way, please know that I have cataract surgery coming up next Wednesday. This may or may not mean I will not be posting for a few days next week.

I am feeling grateful for having each of you on board with the idea of me not posting on Facebook. For here I can address the issues dear to my heart. The chief of those issues is how hard it is to “set your feet on a firm hard path,” as the Psalms say. We must begin again and again in our quest for truth. And the quest for truth equals the quest for true love. True love is only found within your very own soul. You cannot find it anywhere else.

Someone asked me about another teacher, whom I will not name. Vernon Howard taught me this. He said that if you came to him for teachings, not to bring up other teachers while in his presence. It was simply a matter of respect. So I ask the same thing of you. I am passing along what is given to me. Let the other teachers do the same. They do not mention me!

This is my little corner of the internet and I guard it carefully. Most of you have a deep appreciation for this. We must keep our integrity no matter what. Even if it means having fewer followers.

I called an author I have respected highly for years. In the course of the conversation, I asked him how many students he had. His answer may surprise you. One! I understood that. We also discussed the fact that books containing truths do not sell because they frighten people away. Vernon Howard certainly did. We need the fear of God put in us, rather than lowering our standards to accommodate every Tom, Dick and Harry.

My words have been coming from these hands for a very long time. They are for the few. They come from the broken places in me. And the light is shining in between the lines. Don’t look for me to comfort you, but to confront you.

Once you see this, you shun comfort because it weakens you in the end.

The sheep always get separated from the goats. Don’t let that scare you.

Vicki Woodyard


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