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Wait on Rescue

The morning of youth has its advantages. We don’t know the score as yet, so we go along with what our parents tell us about life. We think of death as having something to do with heaven, but we are too busy playing in the dirt to consider it.

The afternoon is busy with school and thoughts of the future. We think if we work hard that things will work out.

The evening is a bit different. Night is coming and we are fully aware of it. Some of us turned within around 4 o’clock in the afternoon of our lives. Perhaps an early death or a shock or one kind or another touched us to the core. Now in the evening we begin to shiver and tremble. Death is now a fact of life.

We saw the teachings everywhere. The fall leaves, the sudden deaths that seemed to come too soon, the people that took their own lives. What was going to come next?

Handling life had now become a joke, for life was mauling us day by day. I was lucky enough to find Vernon Howard. His job was to yank the rug out from under us and that was his only job. He was merciless in teaching that there is only one mercy and it comes from within.

He died in 1992 at the age of 74, at the age I happen to be right now. He was an old man. Does that mean I, too, am old? I guess so, but I have eternal youth in this old body, thanks to him. I know the soul was never born and can never die. That means only one thing. Life is a gift from higher forces. It was given in order that we should grow.

Few people grow to any considerable degree. You have to accept this as fact. If you don’t, you will continue to suffer from ignorance of spiritual law.

The Christ-consciousness is not something to play with. It is who we are. It demands that we die daily. Of course, we can’t. We must allow Him to do it for us, in whatever way He chooses. This is not fundamentalism but esoteric Christianity. Most turn away from it. Even the disciples did. But you are not alone, nor were they.

Sit with yourself on a daily basis, letting the fear run your ship into the ground. Wait on rescue, for it will come. Maybe at the last moment, but it will come. “They that wait on God shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint.”

Vicki Woodyard


  1. How good it is to be reminded to wait – to patiently await the right time for healing, for rescue. And no, we in our minds do definitely not know what that time will be nor bring. In the mental circus we are taken away by ego games, which say ‘ I know what to do so life becomes easier, I know, just let me put some nice rocks on top of the falling house and all gets better.’ What a devilish scam.

    To be patiently awake, being aware of the falling house, the harsh and cutting feelings – only this will bring us God’s Hour near – God’s own Healing Grace – as in this we stay free, we do not intervene frantically, changing the course of our life boat ever and ever again like idiots. Through being patiently HERE and SEEING – we learn that all is good, however painful the moment may be and we learn to not take ourselves too serious. More so, we see that all we experience and go through is actually needed, every morsel of it – for only then we may witness, how the flower of the soul breathes and lives far above the worldly mess – our own true beingness.

    Dearest Vicki, you helped me again, SO GIVING IN YOUR ESSENCE, to be more and most of all safely one with what happens, however difficult it may seem…. and that this is the sole key to the many doors we often sense as being closed to us.


  2. I can only give from my essence and that is the truth. Any other kind of giving is false. We both know the truth and the ego can never deliver it; that is why we must wait. None of us have arrived yet; we are all struggling towards the light of who we really are. It is such a puzzle; and we must be willing to work at it with great diligence. Only the light will heal us.


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