Outside of Space and Time

In this world of opposites we dwell in the space/time continuum. It is in this world that we break down and cry for what we lose daily. Our sorrows happen over and over again. It is Groundhog Day 365 times a year. Who doesn’t feel like they are losing their sanity or their grip on reality?

Having studied truth for most of my life, I now realize that I have never been inside the space/time continuum. Not at all. Let that sink in. I live above it, watching it endlessly unspool. It looks and feels boring and scary at the same time. We love and hate, we live and die. We wonder why.

But someone is watching all of this mayhem and is in a state of pure essence. This is what the scriptures are about. This is what the wise men and women tell us. They speak of peace, which clearly cannot be found in this earth. If you think it can, you are not in your pure witness state of being.

When someone figures this out, they are free to come and go at will. They are no longer imprisoned in the flesh and blood character that they play. That is why meeting Theo Paredes changed my life. He said nothing I had not heard before. It is not what someone says to you in the space/time continuum; it is who they are in their essence. That is why you can read positive, uplifting messages all day long and never feel one whit better. They are mechanical in nature, at best. They are cranked out all day long by various and sundry websites. They are from Groundhog Day.

Wake up and see the staleness of your state. Bring in some fresh air. How? By witnessing the space/time continuum as the illusion that it is. The watcher is not a part of it.

Vicki Woodyard

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