Do What You Must

“Do what you must, and your friends will adjust.” Robert Brault

I love this quote so much. When Don Theo was here, I asked him if I could really say no to things that didn’t feel right to me and he said, “Just say ‘This is not for me.’” Vernon Howard taught the same thing. We are brainwashed to go along with everybody’s program but ours. That’s why it is critical to leave society’s crazy ways. You can always go back, but with a deeper sense of self.

There are few things I must do and the same goes for you. You might make a list of things you have a right to say no to:

Social activities that have little meaning for you or would stress you out or drain your vital forces.

Charitable activities that do the same thing. As I wrote once, “Charity begins within.”

Activities that cost you money in the name of being generous. You don’t have to be generous with your time or money unless you are led to do so.

Trips with other people. They seldom work out.

Expensive meals that cost you more than just the money.

Any political or religious discussions that propel you into an emotional state.

By the time you get through with your list, you should be breathing easier. Now it is time to say “I choose to love myself” and mean it. The self you love is the Self, not the ego. And it requires you to give nothing but conscious love. Since this is not done in a day, it becomes your life’s work to say no to what does not serve you and yes to your own beloved Self. Anybody saying amen to that?

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Vicki, I think this is one of my very favorite posts that you have ever written and that’s saying a lot. All the things that you said we should do are absolutely true. I had a friend who actually taught me to say no in an honest way when I simply didn’t feel like doing something or accepting an invitation. And this included invitations from her. What a gift. Thank you for your words of wisdom.


    1. Thank you, Tibby. And we DO pay a price for every choice we make. As Vernon Howard said, “Take what you want and pay for it.” I notice that I often pay for it in a false guilt!


  2. Dearest Vicki – again, your words are so warming and instantly helpful. They point right up to the Abode of Divinity – where a sound and loving life is awaiting us with open arms. Above the stony, dusty roads, where webs of guilt and freezing humiliations attempt to surround us, trying to capture us ongoing – that is the place you lead us onto. Your thoughts are guiding wisely into the light – illumining the importance of freely expressed and freely acted upon individuality. Each choice of thought or action, rising from the powers within, from the core and love of our own inner being, will strengthen and ground us safely. All the actions, emotions and thoughts coming as mere re-actions to what we see and experience on the outer plane, enmesh us further with its vicious voices and blinding suggestions. Yes and they isolate. They do to us exactly what you have said, namely, they let us pay – but never for inner substance, poise or a better understanding of life. What we pay for is a nervous life in fear and mechanical pain, feeling obstructed and caught, day in and day out. Following the course of your inspiring and compassionate thoughts – I say Amen dearest Vicki friend – and thank you from all my heart, for the wonderful – very unique, very special Healing Work you do – lifting up the veils of the countless worldly malicious deceptions. And oh yes, you do it so elegantly, so sweet and it is deeply gratifying.


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