“Why” is a word the intellect uses to make itself miserable. I remember my cousin and I used to ask our mothers the question repeatedly. “Why can’t I keep playing?” And they would say 
“because.” And we would say, “Because why?” The questions would vary and the answers would be given, but we would always respond with the same two words. “Because why?”

As adults, the mind continually questions why things are as they are. We are children in adult bodies.

So a teacher comes along and tells the mind, in so many words, to “shut up.” And the students rebel. They try to outsmart the heart of the teacher, who is merely trying to get us into a higher state of being. They are working with the energy of wholeness, which lies beyond the mind.

We may try many teachers before we come to the ultimate answer. If you are still wondering what it is, I will tell you. The answer cannot come to you on the level of the opposites and I am pointing you in a vertical direction. “Why” is being asked on a horizontal level.

I am learning that from Theo. He took the major portion of my grief a couple of years ago. Oh, remnants still remain, but I recognize that they are useless to my ultimate healing. So I see him twice a year, if I am lucky. He was tired this visit; I saw him a day before his week of healing people had gone by. He would be returning to Peru the next day.

But he is always with me; I told him as much. Just because he was tired doesn’t mean he is not my teacher. He simply doesn’t work on the level of “why.” He always works on the level of being wordless in the presence of total unity with oneself.

So what if I get anxious or stressed out? I am still whole, still one with the universal love that I am. Theo knows this. He asks nothing of us except our presence. Presence happens to be the answer to everything.

We may need a dentist to fix a tooth or a doctor to operate, but these are things that apply to the body. And the body lives on the level of the opposites. The healer within works tirelessly to remind us to become who we really are.

I live with a deeper sense of peace since I have come to know and love Theo. I had it all along. He didn’t give it to me. He gave it back to me. That may seem to make no sense, but making sense is so last week.

Vicki Woodyard


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