All Men Shall Be Sailors….

“All men will be sailors then
Until the sea shall free them”
~Suzanne, Leonard Cohen

I love to write; it involves my being instead of my doing. And since there is no doer, that works out quite nicely. The words come out of nowhere and land somewhere. Perhaps in your mind or your heart. Who knows?

I write from the wreckage; that is how it should be. One should not write from the illusion of everything being okay. It isn’t and you know it. It is perfect when one is awake and hell when one is asleep.

Vernon Howard counseled us to stop clinging to the wreckage and simply drown in the sea of no separation. Have you ever tried that? It is hellaciously hard.

Anything hard will lead you to an easier place eventually. And the easier place will lead you to a harder place. Go figure. I think that is called being crucified between the opposites.

Well, it’s Friday and who knows what the weekend will bring except more shocks you could use to wake up. Your true nature always bats a thousand, but people are seldom able to access it long enough for it to do any good. That is why we have teachers that lower the boom on the ego.

They try, anyway.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. I am loving these short little hand grenades you lob into the world to wake us up. I almost want to hold on to your words and study them, but the words aren’t grippable and besides, I know that’s not the purpose of the words.

    My particular shock today might be a case of the shingles 🙂 We’ll see what the doctor says.


  2. I have some old friends visiting for the weekend. I seldom get to see them They arrived yesterday. This morning we began the day sitting in stillness together. Such joy.


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