Hiding in Plain Sight

Hiding in Plain Sight

I am hiding in plain sight! Oh, the beautiful insights that arise when one is conscious of having problems and wanting to see them solved. So I shall go back a bit. Start at the beginning, if you will.

Most of you know that Theo Paredes works with me when he visits Atlanta a couple of times a year. This time I booked 2 hours with him at his suggestion. When I had shingles and phoned him, he said he could work with me in more depth if he could spend more time with me. He thought something had happened to me when I was about 13. That was when I begin having issues with agoraphobia.

At this last visit, I thought he might want to discuss what might have happened. Surprisingly, he did not. Instead he spent most of the time with his hands resting on my body and breathing in silence. After the session ended, I asked him what he had been doing. His answer? Enjoying the peace. And that, my friends, is what being conscious is all about!

Before he began, though, he told me to never want anything from the future, but to experience already having it in the present moment. And that is what I call “hiding in plain sight.” The Self that we are is already fulfilled and all we do is acknowledge this.

The work I do at this point in my life is to let go of stress. Since our lives are made up of stress, it is hard inner work to let go of it. We live in dark times with unconscious forces dragging us down from dawn to dusk. At night they attack us in our sleep. So the thing to do is nothing. We don’t want to start a war on darkness. That is what the rest of humanity does.

If a teacher has to explain to you what they are doing, they are on the ordinary level of the mind. Theo is trained to work with the physical body, doing craniosacral therapy. He also does Peruvian shamanic rituals, but they are done in silence.

Having him in my life has changed everything. Now I know where to go for a quick fix and a permanent cure both, back to the peace in the moment that passes all understanding. It has nothing to do with Theo, though, and everything to do with me. He is a mirror of exceptional clarity and that is enough and plenty. Love is everywhere present, in Peru or Atlanta, Georgia. In Timbuktu or parts beyond. May all beings be happy. May all beings be free.



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