Returning to my Roots

I’ve not been posting my notes on Facebook for about 2 weeks and I notice that the time it took to visit other people’s pages and respond to comments on my page used up vital energy.

The folks that read me here are decidedly more apt to make honest, thoughtful comments. Why? Because Facebook is done on the fly. That’s why!

I rarely use my cell phone and rarely use my landline, either. Yes, I still like to have a landline. Call me crazy.

More and more I move into the uncharted territory of FREEDOM.

The space of SELF-CARE.

The mind of the SELF.

Facebook will not miss me nor I it. I keep the page open to put links to this blog and to my videos. Also to get notice of my local friends’ activities I don’t want to miss. I need face-to-face contact rather than virtual interaction.

I write from the heart. I speak my mind. I find that the whole nonduality trip has soured on me. I return to my roots in the Work. It’s about time.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Vicki, I love this post and the image is lovely. I applaud your decision to withdraw from Facebook. And, yes, we have a landline too and I tell everyone not to call me on my cell which I only use when I’m traveling! We have to protect ourselves. Care of the self is where it all begins! I read your blog posts every day, but am not always able to comment because to do so I have to be at my computer. For some reason, I have difficulty from other devices. So, even if I don’t comment, please know that I’m reading and enjoying every single post you write. Have a great day!


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