I am gathering steam to leave the station of this world. It seems that you can take an express train home. Not only that, you will be the only passenger. In the last year of Vernon Howard’s life, he gave a wonderful talk on this subject, only it was about a bus.

He spoke of a young woman that wanted to get back home, so she went to the bus station and said she wanted a ticket back to her hometown. The man at the window told her that he would bring the ticket to her and that she would be the only one on the bus. So she followed his instructions and got home safely. This, of course, is a recipe for returning home to the Self.

We always have a ticket to ride. Always. Just when you think you can’t take this world and its pain another minute, may you remember this eternal offer of a safe passage home. We all want this more than we want the world. But the world wants us. It needs our unconscious participation; this is what it feeds on.

To unplug from the subliminal radio station is not easy, but you must do it. It is sending out propaganda 24/7. Vernon spoke of this unconscious state a lot. He told a story of a man receiving messages through the paper thin walls of his motel. This is how it is. We have to wake up and unplug the radio.

What you will hear next may be a lot of static coming from your very own mind. It is addicted to the radio of the world. But now you are willing to listen to what comes after the static has died down. Let me know what you hear.

Vicki Woodyard

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  1. I am gathering steam, too. It is encouraging and bright what I can hear and see through the static that you speak of. Thanks for writing. Karen M.


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