After Healing

I saw the shaman yesterday. This photo is taken at a pizza place afterwards. I think you can see the peace in my face. Theo does not heal by using words, but pure directed energy. The session was intense; he used himself up in the service of love and I was the lucky recipient. Afterwards I snapped a quick photo of him as he entered the office to get a slip of paper to write an email address down.

After pizza, Rob and I strolled a few blocks down the street. It was very hot and we stopped for ice cream before returning to the car. It was a very blessed day, one out of space and time.


  1. What an absolutely perfect day, Vicki. I love the shaman’s kind face and can see the contentment in your expression. I had a session with a shaman about 10 days ago and felt similar emotions. I think one of the best thing about seeing gifted healers is they confirm what we already feel is happening on our spiritual journeys. I told a very gifted energy worker yesterday that if were all just in my head, I would think I was crazy, but having her confirm that she is sensing the same changes is life affirming.


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