Sorrow and Bliss

You are your life. As Vernon Howard said, “There is no difference in a person and his life.” What does this mean for you? It means precisely this: You can drop down into your heart and discover what you really want, not what your divided mind keeps you frantic with worry about.

The mind is about keeping you in slavery to the good opinions of other people. You can forget that because it never worked. You only think it has or will. Nope. The heart in its sorrow wants you back.

The heart sorrows for the mind in its suffering. The mind does not know this because it is born of division and conflict. Sorrow is the fruit of the heart.

Do not run away from your sorrow a moment longer. It has much to teach you. Turn away from those that would encourage you to follow your bliss. Sorrow and bliss are one and the same.

Do not try to sort out what I just said. Return to the heart and feel if this is true or not.

Vicki Woodyard

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