A Special Message

Dear Friends,

I am moved to write and say that I hope posting on the blog will offer everyone a feeling of fuller access. There is a bit more privacy here, for sure. And the need to visit everyone’s Facebook Page puts a guilt trip on people. I feel it. There comes a time when one knows things that can only be shared with the few. That would be conscious presence and silence. One must read between the lines to feel what is being written, as words are only vessels for silence at some point.

Dedication to truth is not lightly undertaken, as you know so well. It requires a stripping of everything false and who wants to go that far? Certainly not the ego.

I have a house project that will be going on the month of June and some minor eye surgery scheduled, so I will be picking and choosing when I post. My son is a great help to me; he drove me to the eye doctor today and then we stopped and had a sandwich on the way home. My eye doctor runs a first rate clinic and his warmth is obvious to all who see him. He treated my late husband Bob when he developed glaucoma from the chemo.

I love what Leonard Cohen said, “The only question to ask people is ‘What are you going through?'” Because all of us going through something all of the time, aren’t we? Those of us on the path are just trying to go through it more consciously.

My cup of gratitude is running over. May we all be able to say that!

I appreciate the few who read my words and find meaning in them. Thank you.



    1. I have no idea whether this will work, to tell the truth. Blogs seems to be rather passe. This is an attempt to find a way to be more intimate with fewer people. Those that are not mechanically paging through Facebook quickly on their way to something else. Thanks for sticking with me.


  1. Vicki, I prefer the blog too. It’s more private and I like getting email notifications when you post. I am trying to wean myself off Facebook to only checking in every day or two. It does get overwhelming. I’m sticking with you, dear Vicki! Hope the house projects and your eye surgery goes well. All my love.


  2. I prefer the blog. I like to read slowly and reflect, and the FB format somehow doesn’t facilitate that as well for me. Glad you will be writing more here.


  3. +1 for the blog experience. This post is your voice in your space, not your voice shouting to be heard amid the blipverts and other shouting on the typical FB page. I also love getting your posts via email, and so far, I have been saving every one. Your words are spare, but they contain depths.


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