A Candle Sputtering….

There is the fire of earthly desires and the fire of purification from them. We generally choose the former and let the latter only come to us as a last resort. I know this to be true.

There is an easy path and a hard path. We choose the easy path and are led astray until the hard path knocks us down and keeps us there for longer and longer periods of time.

I have known both, as have you. The fire of earthly desire keeps me on Facebook looking for Likes. the fire of purification bids me leave it altogether.

I am wavering back and forth like a candle sputtering.

Soon enough time will reveal to me that I have run out of choices. Only the hard road will be left.

The hard road leads to death of the ego. After that, surrender is not just a word in the dictionary. It is what finally breaks you into so many pieces that you surrender into your primal nothingness. At this point, miracles happen.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Love your post, Vicki. Whatever your heart leads you to do is the right answer. I tend to look more for connections on Facebook between me and people and organizations who fuel my spirit. I don’t follow anything or anyone else. But, I also need to step “off the grid” much more often. Today’s technology becomes overwhelming. You have to do whatever makes you happy. All my love and best wishes.


    1. Yes, nothing is totally black or white. Right now I am in a resting phase, if you will. Who knows what comes next? I agree that we need to only do things that make us happy. And there are lots of people posting that are not particularly into that. I don’t do discussions and just rely on things that resonate with me.


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