The Third Day off of Facebook

This is my third day off of Facebook. The element in the oven has quit working and my toilet is not flushing properly! It is as if the house is talking to me, saying “You never pay me any attention.” And I tell the house, “I’m getting the moisture problem in the basement repaired. Isn’t that enough?” But the dishwasher pipes up and says, “If you’re getting a new oven, you might as well replace me, too.” And so the house has much to say.

My dreams are dire. Last night I dreamt that I was screaming at my husband to quit traveling and stay at home with us. He said no. And some authority figures agreed with him and not me. My little girl was staying in a hospital basement with no sunlight or windows. I woke up deeply depressed.

The carpenter will be here around ten o’clock to assess the basement situation, so I have washed my hair and gotten dressed. I also need to call the plumber about the toilet.

Other than that, I am fine, she says ironically. Of course the house represents the Self in a dream. And I know that this summer will bring repairs of all sorts.

Having been on the path for much of this lifetime, I know myself well. At the same time, the great mystery is unknowable and unreachable by the ego. The ego loves Facebook because it can see itself in the mirror, so to speak. Everyone can like you and say nice things about you. On the other hand, they also dis you and speak disparagingly of you.

I spend a great deal of my day in silence; that is just my nature. I am not surprised to find many problems rising up to threaten it. I don’t like having repair people underfoot (no one does.) But such is life.

I favor simplicity on every level. I reach for truth like someone gasping for air. The first statement that comes to me is this: Work hard gathering energy when you have no problems. That is an essential truth to work with.

See you later,


  1. Dear Vicki, what a lot of maintenance on your home right now. This is truly a good time to take some time off from Facebook. In a strange way, I think it helps to withdraw a bit and focus on our environment. I, for one, cannot even think unless the house is in order which means I hardly ever get anything done. Best of luck. I’m so sorry you had such a disturbing dream.


  2. Yes, the house is crying out for attention, it would seem. The carpenter came today and is a very nice fellow. He will do the repairs the first week in June. Rob and I will shop for a new dishwasher and oven .


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