Dipping my pen in sorrow….

An Indian friend used this phrase in saying that I was able to do this, in so many words, to mend the gap between heaven and earth.

It gives me solace to do this; it comes easy and naturally. What comes hard is adjusting to a world gone wrong, both within and without.

We live in the Hand of God in a reign of evil. We are paradoxical creatures asleep to whom we owe our only allegiance, our Father in Heaven.

It has always been this way, since the seamless garment was torn apart. Since living in a world of opposites threw us into confusion and a sense of lack.

I am getting older and trying to become wiser, but it is hard-won. We must die to the ego in order to receive it.

I am restless in my peace, torn in my wholeness and grieving in my abundance. What to do? There is only one thing left to do. Please don’t ask me what it is. Just be it.

Vicki Woodyard

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