Your Holy Intuition

Intuition is underrated; it is a sacred gift to you from who you really are. Essence never lies. Let me give you an example. As an introvert, my intuition is always spot on about when my energy is being drained. I am not always able to control this, however. Why? Because we have to act our part in this world. and the parts we play take energy from us. They never give it.

So I am at a social gathering, which my essence never likes, and I am playing the role of a socialized being. But inwardly I am awaiting the time when I can leave the party and be alone again. This is what I mean by holy intuition. It wants only our good. It is always looking out for us. Sometimes it manifests as our conscience. This may sound odd, but we give ourselves away too easily and our conscience wants us to do the right thing. And the right thing is conscious self-love.

I could go on and on with examples, but you have your own. The ads are screaming at you to buy something. Your intuition knows you are complete.

Your thoughts do not spring from your essence but from your guilt about not being perfect. Your words betray you. You find yourself saying things you don’t mean to people you don’t like. Your intuition knows this. It knows who you really are.

So this is not an essay about change, but about recognizing the difference between truth and lies. The truth comes in inklings, in shades, in glimmers. It is always, always on your side. Treasure it.

Vicki Woodyard

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  1. How very beautiful and clearly said dear Vicki, thank you for this sacred insight about Intuition. As you know, I take notes from your essays. They so lighten up my day, helping me be more aware.

    Sending you my Gratitude and wishing you Happy Eastern


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