Who has attained divinity?

The Work taught by Vernon Howard is classic. Developed by G. I. Gurdjieff, Vernon tailored it to fit everyday language and everyday people. Those attracted to the Work are always few in number. It simply cannot be for the masses; this is because it takes a great deal of inner energy to change, to forego using one’s ego as a key to open any door to spirit. It doesn’t operate that way.

For most people, it just takes too much work. But for those that could hear Vernon in their hearts, it was endlessly intriguing. I am still fascinated by seeing how little control I have over anything. What we are watching is ourselves and the outer world at the same time. At first we see only chaos because that is all there is. Everything is being powered mechanically. Not only machines, but human beings. Asleep, we are no better than machines. The words of Jesus are now available to us in our own hearts. “Awake, thou that sleepest,” as He said. We are all asleep. Eventually this leads to a greater and greater compassion, but no one ripens overnight.

To this day I act mechanically when I could have acted consciously. There is a circle of conscious humanity watching over us. They do not make themselves known; we grow by faith. We are citizens of the cosmos and good householders. We live within the rules of society while cultivating consciousness within. We are not do-gooders; we have learned how useless that is.

I write from my own spirit, which has been influenced by other enlightened human beings. The heart knows who to follow. Most students of the Way are called to a life of relative isolation until it is their time to become more visible. That suits my temperament to a tee. Introverted as I am, I serve best in the silence and protection of the Self at home.

Humor is a tool I love to use, as is relentless self-honesty. You don’t want to see my ego flouncing about. That is all it knows how to do. You would much prefer that I write the truth. And what is truth? It is beyond anything we currently know. It is taken on faith. So you might say that I write about the False Self, since the True Self is essentially divine. And who has attained divinity? I think you know the answer to that.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. It is always best to know that we do not know, that we have not attained what we sense to be the truth. For only then, we might find to newness supporting us, while inwardly crying on for the One and only God to touch us more awake.

    I am also an introvert, so I love it very much as you do, that Vernon tells us, that it is best for us students to go home and take up The Work.

    Much Gratitude to you Vicki, for your words and sharings.


    1. Yes, the Work lies within us ready to be re-awakened. That is the great challenge for all of us, to try and shake off our sleep. If we love it, the Work will find a way, as the saying goes. All we do is get out of the way.


      1. Thank you so very much dear Vicki for being here, doing The Work with us. Have a wonderful day, all the Good shall be for you.


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