Stirring the Pot

Someone commented on the fact that Vernon Howard was perceived as being a “rigid teacher.” He wanted it that way; he wanted to knock every last bit of “do-gooderism” out of us, for the ego can never do anything. It is the false face we present to the world.

I have said recently that I have finished with non-duality, having played around with it online for too many years. I never really belonged there. It is far too lenient for me to grow from. The focus on essence seems admirable, but this does not burn through the ego’s facade at all.. You have nondual types saying they are one with everything that are bad to the bone.

I don’t often see myself as a teacher; I am more of a student. Wisdom is my calling and it permeates everything of value. Wisdom is not intelligence; it is heart knowledge filtered through the head.

I come to the keyboard with no conscious intent; so what you read is what you get. At times I incense people; at other times I inspire them. I am a work in progress with many rough edges. I get bored with the smoothness of the practiced preacher.

I have good days and bad ones just like you. I have been around the block so many times that I know all the names and faces and none of them are totally correct or totally wrong. We all carry traces of pure gold.

If someone were to ask me why I like to write, I would say I enjoy the pure spontaneity of it. I like to break through the screen and make you feel something. Otherwise I am wasting my time. If you like my writing, that is good. I can’t change a word of it or it would not be mine.

Energy is the end-game. As Vernon Howard said, “Work hard gathering energy when you have no problems.” This refers to the vital force necessary for us to awaken. It is measurable and there is not enough for everyone to awaken. And most people have no interest in it. Now that some of you have decided that is a wrong thing to say, you will choose not to listen to me anymore. That is totally how it works. God bless us everyone. You go your way and I go mine. The mountain top has many routes leading up to it.

My contribution often is nothing more than a loosening up of your emotional rigidity. I stir the pot, you might say. I hate an unstirred pot, so I say something to shake you out of your belief in human goodness. God is the only goodness there is. Hallelujah.

Vicki Woodyard

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  1. Stirring the pot is great, as we so may find things within us that have fallen out of perception. Hail, hail to your spontaneous, clearly unmasked (thus sincere) HEARTFUL writings.


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