The Pearl Within

“I am” is the pearl of great price spoken of in the Bible. Why do we remain forgetful of our own powerful presence? Because it is not taught in schools as children grow up. And even if it was, children would not understand. They are too busy being it!

So uncovering the inner pearl is an inside job not done by the masses. It takes too much energy and energy is a measurable quantity. Some of us are born with an innate tendency to be instead of do. We gravitate to spiritual concerns and find we are in a definite minority. That is why it is called esoteric Christianity. By the time our little girl died, I knew enough to put “Christ in you the hope of glory” on her grave marker. She radiated the grace of God.

Now it is up to me to radiate my own “I am.” I spend quiet time daily just being silent, just shutting up and letting myself see how easily I am blown off course. Joel Goldsmith advocated taking frequent breaks to refresh the “I am” awareness. It doesn’t take long. It is a good secret to have. When my husband was going through chemo, I made it a practice to take restroom breaks while his IV was in. As I opened the restroom door, I would say, “There is only the Self.” A small gesture but a helpful one. You can figure out your own. Vernon Howard said, “Know when you cross the threshold from one room into the next.” Same idea.

We all spend most of our time in a state of sleep; that is how it is. If the kingdom of heaven was easily accessed, people would be walking streets of gold looking down at their phones! We must give up something in order to get something.

So work on yourself in small doses.

Hasta la vista, baby. Negative energy cannot get a foothold if you are checking up on your state of mind all day long.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Love this so much, Vicki, and what a beautiful scripture to put on your precious daughter’s gravestone. And what a tribute to her special spirit your writing is. You are right about children being “too busy being it.” I keep getting the message this week from so many places to reclaim that wonderful child within who can be content in the moment and open to the Universe. Thank you for your beautiful words.


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