Theo has been helping me to heal. He asked me to call today and let him know how I was getting along. The first call I made was early in the day and we had to give up due to the absence of a good connection. So I called him in late afternoon and it worked.

I am not sure that anything we said was important. After we hung up, nothing seemed to have happened. Then a few hours later it hit me. That is how he operates. He puts no stock in information or details as such. In that way you accidentally let go of the importance of what you think. A certain happiness is produced.

He knows how to turn expectations upside down. I love that because the ego’s train of thought is always chugging down the wrong track. Theo derails you in a very mysterious way. He gave me some simple advice. Breathe deeply, be in nature and drink lots of water. I can do that. In between there is time and aplenty for simply being happy for no reason.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Such wonderful advice ~ Breathe, be in nature & drink lots of water! So glad to hear you are feeling better. Love & Blessings, Nancy


  2. Such fantastic and healing advice. And I so agree. Getting out into nature is the absolute best thing you can do. Hope you continue to feel better, Vicki. This is a good time for resting and then rejuvenation.


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