A Rare Post

I don’t post on my blog much. I have tried, but Facebook is so much easier and it reaches far more people. So just know that you can find me on Facebook daily. I am writing about what I know best, of course. What it is like to live in this world, having lost a child and a spouse to cancer.

These days I am about simplicity and gratitude, on self-care and the knowledge that I am the Self. This Self that I am has risen above the teachings of any mortal. I leave that to others. Now is the time for me to reclaim my own inner wisdom.

I saw the doctor today for the first time in a year. She is from India and we have an excellent rapport. I don’t have to return until next year unless I have a problem. All of my lab work was normal and I am so grateful for that.

When I write about Vernon Howard, people are always interested. But he died in 1992. I got to spend 7 years under his tutelage and am forever grateful for that. Dependency on any teacher or teaching is meant to be outgrown.

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Vicki Woodyard

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