The Discovery

There is a huge discovery to be made by everyone, but it does not offer itself but to the few. What is it? Why is it such a rarity?

The “I am” lives outside of time, outside of the Game of Life. And the game of life is false from the get-go because it lives by the clock. You have a job? It is always located in space and time. The “I am” knows this but is not this.

So you are one of the few that make this discovery. How does it change you? It doesn’t change the time-self. It does lift the “I am” out of the picture so it can become the witness. It is a sort of witness relocation program.

You can unfasten your space-time belt and move about the cabin freely. But there is nothing to do and nowhere to go. That is the nature of “I am” as witness.

“I am” is your insurance policy and not your insurance “police.” it frees you of restrictions and guarantees you of your rights. But not the rights of the time-self but of the eternal Self.

Got it? I thought so.

Vicki Woodyard

One Comment

  1. So, Vicki dear…How about the “Witness” as an intermediate stage allowing recognition
    of the “Game of Life” as simply a coloration of I Am..? So then…nonduality rules!


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