My blog posts grow fewer and fewer. Perhaps a spring thaw is coming and everything I have repressed will swell the rivers of my life with who knows what….

Facebook is so much easier to use that it proves seductive and that is always a dangerous thing. We humans are so easily seduced by the wrong things.

I dig deeply but never deeply enough to plant something that will outlast me. Some do that. Leonard Cohen, for one. He wrote for immortality by writing for the living.

January is a month of treachery. I say it is God’s payback for what we have done to Christmas!

I had a slight health issue and now have several tests set up which I dread following through on. But the system has you. You have a symptom; they have 3 tests.

My writing never goes deeply enough and often it goes too deep. Such is life. Everyone is on guard. No one speaks truth.

The weather today is sunny and icy cold, a lot like some personas.

People call me aloof; it is introversion and being a Scorpio that does that. I firmly believe the people in our bundle are those that support us when the chips are down. I have a small bundle because I am not good at calling on people, at being vulnerable enough to collapse under the weight of what I carry.

Looks like I am out of words, but never out of silence.



  1. Always enjoy your posts and agree Facebook is seductive. I’m taking a long-needed break from it. Much more time for silence and to actually talk to other humans. I’d like to consider myself part of your bundle. You are certainly part of my though from geographic distance. Blessings and here’s to a beautiful spring! 🙏


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