A Conversation on Awakening

L: I just wanted to comment on your recent blog post, “The Ides of January” and thank you. No poetry, nothing profound (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Your suggestion to “do this in remembrance of me,” is the best pointer I have ever heard. Perhaps because of my background, as my Dad was a Chaplain. It absolutely feels real, simple and sacred. Our difficulty re-cognizing the I am as the Christ-consciousness, is it lack of trust, fear? It feels like fear of the unknown, fear of external changes when this is remembered.

Yes, I am drawn to esoteric Christianity; I don’t go to church, altho I used to until I discovered that most people in church are not serious about doing inner work.

Everyone runs on fear, altho few admit it. There is no point at which any human being can say they have “attained.”

The big issue is that we are mechanical, unconscious people. To have energy to be in God’s presence consciously, we have to have the available energy.

C asks the question: So what makes you leave this reality again and again? Tell us what tool you use to get back into the Christ awareness. ..each time you lose your way?

Vicki: That means monitoring your energy, seeing how you waste it in idle thought. Instead, we can be gathering energy to use in awakening. Christ said in so many words, “Awake, thou that sleepest.”

L: You talk about energy a lot, and it certainly feels true on a personal basis. That is the true dedication for me, to be still and gather the energy. My intuition is that it requires simplifying my life, which while it feels lovely and necessary, also demands energy. A seemingly vicious circle, but it seems more clearly than ever it is one I need to attend to.

I don’t go to church much either, except on Good Friday, when I find the liturgy to be particularly profound. I am certainly open to attending regularly if I find, as you said, people serious about their inner work.

Vicki: Everything Christ said is about awakening, about leaving the world. Few get deeply involved in esoteric teachings, despite what they say. Even serious students fall asleep repeatedly. Even the disciples. There is no magic bullet. Just a deep desire to be free.

Well, that is enough for now…thank you both for engaging in a bit of talk about walking the walk. We do it alone to the Alone most of the time. But where two or more are gathered….we support each other.

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