Restoring Your World

Drinking from the fountain of your own soul. How do you do it? The answer is simple. You sit down and shut up. Not only talking, but thinking. Turn your thoughts down so low you can’t hear them. Then get busy. Get busy just sitting there doing nothing.

Vernon Howard taught me this. “Work hard gathering energy when you have no problems.” No one needs to have this explained to them. Explanations are useless. Silence is what will generate all of the power you need.

The world is a draining mechanism fueled by the thoughts of sleeping people. Their thoughts throw off negativity until it wold take Noah’s Ark to crest the stream. Wait a minute!

Your intention to gather energy does the trick. It floats your boat above the storm. It’s so easy. Why don’t more people do it? Because the masses don’t read stuff like this. That’s why.

The few put it out there and the few find it. It has always been that way. So what does this have to do with drinking from the fountain of your own soul? You tell me. But not using words.

All the power you ever needed was self-power. The world goes on without you and because of you. Not a bad thing to do when you find yourself exhausted once again. Just sit and gather energy. There’s more than plenty to restore your world.

Vicki Woodyard


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