Your Energy Signature

It is 5:05 in the morning and I had to get up and write this. Like the proverbial bolt out of the blue, it hit me. People recognize each other by their energy signatures! At least that is how I manage to navigate through this somewhat perilous world of make-believe, or maya.

I have often wondered why I was born with such intensity. I have learned to dial it back when I am out in the world. That seems necessary. Yet when I write I come home to who I really am. So my writing is its own signature and you either read it loud and clear or you don’t. Like Vernon Howard, I give off both positive and negative energy. It’s not as if I think about this. It’s simply how I am wired. I imagine that we are identical in this respect.

Some years ago I realized that I had to divorce myself from certain things in my life socially. These were things that seemed innocuous enough yet were rather toxic for me. For example, I can’t sit in a group where people are discussing spirituality. I have to experience it directly.

I found that I can do this with my shaman friend. His signature is so powerful that people are drawn to him magnetically. Why? Because his energy is far and away higher than that of the average bear. He is what he is, unapologetically. And what he is is presence.

We thrive on genuine presence and it is a decidedly rare commodity. It can’t be bought or sold. It is more precious than silver or gold, to use a cliche. It is healing and has a deep rippling effect. I only see Theo twice a year, but these are priceless hours with a man who sees more than he says.

If you are wondering why you feel so dissatisfied with your life as it is, take a look at whose energy signatures you are drawn to. As I survey the people in my life, and they are few, I realize that what I love about them is their energy, their ability to make me feel safe and loved no matter what I might say or do. As Jesus says, “By their fruits ye shall know them.”

We human beings are so good at saying one thing and feeling another. Vernon Howard taught me that. I loved his energy right away, but most people don’t. I was drawn to his “Take it or Leave it” approach to life, as I vibrate on that string myself. Others don’t. We are all different. So when you meet someone new, just know that their energy signature is by far the most important thing about them. And places have this same effect on people. They have vibes that attract or repel you. And you tend to return to the places of attraction. It doesn’t matter much what you think of them; it is how you feel about them.

My blog and Facebook Page have my signature all over them. While many are attracted, some are repelled and that is exactly how it should be. We are all on our own unique trips and we know, without a GPS, how to navigate life energetically. Peace on us all.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Absolute truth!! It wasn’t until I was in my sixties that I realized I had been reacting to the energy rather than the external facade of people and places all my life. Now it all makes sense. And another reason, like you, I don’t go out much. Thank you for sharing your wonderful words, as always.


    1. I think we all process our feelings this way; we just don’t realize it. And when one is on the path, it becomes obvious that silence is often better than false friendships.


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