I picked this leaf up while out on a neighborhood walk. When I got home, I put it in this lovely purple hand-woven bowl. The bowl was sitting on a book about Krishnamurti called The Centered Self. It is written by Ravi Ravendra, a favorite writer of mine.

“It is my only concern to set men absolutely, unconditionally free.” ~Krishnamurti

“His main action as a master-teacher was to block all the moves of thought.”

“To be absolutely nothing is to be beyond measure.” ~Krishnamurti

Clearly we see our stumbling for what it is, without judgement, without self-condemnation. We go on. (My words)

Vicki Woodyard

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  1. I never want to comment too much..because I understand the ‘shhhh’…. know that your calm quiet spirit is nourishing…I have stories that intertwine with everything you say…and you are a breath of calming and comfort….and a gift to me.


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